Worlds Finest Quality Fish Oil

No GMO’s, No Heavy Metals

Pure & Natural

From the premier producer of wild Alaskan salmon oil our fish oil is pure, natural and gently filtered within hours of harvest to retain all the goodness that nature intended. Filtered four times and flushed with nitrogen throughout the production process. Our fish oil is not denatured by over-cooking or molecular distillation, processes used to purify and deodorize inferior oils, and yet still tests free of contaminants while providing all the nutrients found in nature.

Excellent for improved skin and coat, this source of Omega-3 provides many more benefits than just alleviating dry, flaky skin. DHA is the important Omega-3 that is critical for brain, eye and heart health, has anti-inflammatory properties and is also linked to improved learning in puppies.

Made in the USA

Made and packaged in the USA from wild Pollock harvested in Alaska, USA. Pollock is one of the most popular fish in the country although most people have never heard of it. The next time you have fish sticks for dinner look at the ingredient. Pollock is also a common ingredient used to create imitation crab meat.

Each 4650 mg teaspoon provides approx. 1302 mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, including 630 mg of EPA and 495 mg of DHA.

  • For Healthy Skin And Coat
  • Natures Perfect Source Of DHA For Brain, Eye And Heart Health
  • World’s Finest Quality Fish Oil
  • Produced Using Sustainably
  • Harvested Wild Alaskan Pollock
  • Totally Dripless Flip-Top Silicon-Valved Dispenser Caps on 8.5oz, 16.5oz, 32oz Bottles
  • Cold Filtered, Clean, Safe, Raw Oil With All The Nutrients Intact, As Nature Intended
  • Tested For Safety And Purity
  • No GMO’s, No Heavy Metals (click for latest lab results)
  • Flushed With Nitrogen For Increased Shelf Life
  • Reduces Excessive Shedding, Replenishes Moisture In Animal’s Skin To Prevent Flaking
  • Also Available in 66oz and 128oz refill jugs