2021 Pricing Announcement and Salmon Update

Letter from the President:

The 2020 Alaska salmon returns have been extremely low, resulting in a huge shortage of wild salmon oil. Large producers predict there will not be enough salmon oil to last through the year and are bottling a salmon-pollock oil blend to supply customers. I’m glad to report that I’ve been able to secure a large enough supply of our premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to satisfy Lifeline Pet Nutrition current customers until Fall 2021, when the next fish season is in.

While that’s good news for Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil fans, the shortage means that supply comes at a premium price. With the more than tripling of raw material cost, you will see a substantial price increase beginning immediately on pure Alaskan salmon oil.

If the price increase is prohibitive, you might consider our other Wild Fish Oil product. It comes out of Alaska, and the oil from pollock provides similar nutrition and inflammatory reducing properties as the 100% salmon oil product.

As necessity is the mother of invention, the shortage has encouraged us to expand our fish oil offerings. We’ll be introducing several new oil blends utilizing various wild species of fish from around the world, ready to ship Q1. We hope the variety of fish oils will provide many pets with perfect-fit solutions for their health.


Some of the headlines from Alaska news sites:

“2020 salmon returns have been so poor that Alaska communities already are claiming fishery disasters”, Anchorage Daily News, Published August 11, 2020

“Southeast pink fishing closes early due to poor catches”, Ketchikan Daily News, August 21, 2020

“Alaska’s 2020 salmon catch expected to be down 36% after a big 2019 season”, Anchorage Daily News, Published April 21, 2020

“Lower supplies of wild Pacific salmon by major producers push up prices”, Anchorage Daily News, Published October 6, 2020

“Mushers in Yukon River region struggle to feed dogs after poor salmon runs”, Anchorage Daily News, Published September 30, 2020

“Yukon River mushers hurting for salmon to feed sled dogs receive thousands of pounds of donated kibble”, Anchorage Daily News, Published November 28, 2020

“After poor returns, state prepares to close Kenai River to king salmon fishing early this year”, Anchorage Daily News, Published July 22, 2020

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