Nature’s Pure Supplement

A Rich Source of Natural Vitamins & Minerals

From the icy waters of Northwestern Iceland where the kelp grows in a clean environment rich in alluvial minerals. It is harvested with the strictest international standards for sustainability, separation of raw material, traceability of products and contamination control at all stages of the production process.

OCEAN KELP™ is dried at a uniform low temperature by hot geothermal water fed through heat exchangers. This procedure ensures all the minerals and organic substances are preserved, prevents surface oxidation and browning of the meal as often seen in oil, coal- dried or sun-dried product. The use of the geothermal water also means the production process is very environmentally friendly.

OCEAN KELP™ is distinguished by being one of the only kelp products currently available that is sustainably harvested, dried, milled and bagged following the organic standards of QAI (Quality Assurance International) in the U.S., and TUN, the local Icelandic certifier.

OCEAN KELP™ contains Laminaria digitata, an expensive kelp generally not included in pet kelp supplements. According to the National Cancer Institute’s website (, Laminaria digitata “may have immunostimulatory and anti-cancer effects.”

Organic certification by Washington State Dept of Agriculture.

U.S.D.A. National Organic Program seal is printed on each package.

Available in 8oz, 1.5, 5, 10 and 20 pound sizes. Now also available in a 1lb canister with scoop.

Kelp is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals including essential trace elements for balanced growth, health and reproduction.

KELP will benefit your pet by:
• Restoring their natural pigmentation and bringing out the vibrancy in their coat color
• Maintaining skin & coat health reducing excessive shedding and replenishing moisture in their skin to prevent flaking
• Increasing circulation
• Alleviating arthritis pain and reducing joint inflammation
• Supporting its immune system to fight off disease and allergies
• Aiding with digestion and increasing metabolism
• Maintaining their thyroid to keep them at a healthy weight
• Increasing their stamina and endurance

Suggested use:
Dogs to 25 lbs – 1/4 teaspoon
Dogs 25-50 lbs – 1/2 teaspoon
Dogs 50+ lbs – 1 teaspoon
Cats – 1/8 teaspoon

Ingredients: Ascophyllum nodosum, Laminaria digitata

Guaranteed analysis
Crude Protein……min 6.0%
Crude Fat…………min 1.5%
Crude Fiber………max 8.0%
Moisture…………..max 9.0%
Ash…………………max 5.0%
Calcium (Ca)……min 1.5%
Calcium (Ca)……max 2.0%
Phosphorus (P)..min 0.1%
Salt (NaCl)……….min 8.0%
Salt (NaCl)……….max 9.0%
Iodine (I)………….min 0.1%
Potassium (K)…..min 3.0%