Pollock is an Alaskan fish that is harvested twice a year and used to make fish sticks and imitation crab among other things. There is an abundance of raw material to manufacture fish oil and the fishery is very stable. As the demand for Wild Alaskan Salmon increases on the human use side of the business the price and availability become very uncertain for us pet people as we are using the same oil that could be sold to pharmaceutical companies for a much higher price.

I have researched many different Alaskan fishes over the past ten years and Pollock is my second favorite choice next to salmon. It shares many of the same properties of salmon such as no heavy metals, high Omega-3 content and our ability to cold filter it. The oil is slightly darker but has the same consistency and smell as fresh salmon. In addition it also has a much higher ratio of EPA.

Our Fish Oil also utilizes non-GMO natural mixed tocopherol as an antioxidant.