All Life Line products/ ingredients are non-GMO, including our natural mixed tocopherols, and are routinely tested by third party laboratories for heavy metals, microorganisms, pesticides and dioxins along with fatty acid content, moisture, guaranteed analysis and peroxide value to meet stringent international standards for products destined for human consumption.

We triple protect our product. First, at processing we immediately blend in natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) to protect the oil. Second, we utilize a nitrogen environment during processing and packaging and keep the oil super-saturated with nitrogen at all times. The bottles and oil are flushed yet again during filling. Nitrogen is an inert gas that is used to displace oxygen. Third, we package in the safest bottle available that not only performs the function of oxygen barrier but also ensures that absolutely no UV light penetrates. This is the same bottle that is used to safeguard the finest oils produced for human use. Only when you break the seal on first use is the oil subjected to oxygen and that is why mixed tocopherols are included. Once opened it is best to use the oil within the next 6 months or so. Refrigeration is not required but is recommended for any oil.

We test each batch as it is made and again at 12 months and 24 months. At 24 months the oil consistently tests out exactly the same as when bottled with no detectable signs of degradation.