There is misinformation circulating implying that plastic bottles break down and impart chemicals back into the food product contained within. Hexane is mentioned as the toxic chemical. Food grade PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. No hexane is used in its production or is present in the finished material. There is a specialized form of PET called PETG (Eastman Chemical and SK Chemicals are the only two manufacturers) that is used for specific non-food chemical products but is not generally available on the market. Our bottles are food grade.

HDPE, high density polyethylene is also food grade and also used in millions of consumer food product packages. Hexane is not used in its manufacture or finished product. This material is resistant to even the harshest of chemicals and insoluble in organic solvents. When burned both produce Carbon, Hydrogen and Water.

Our food grade PET and HDPE bottles and caps are produced in North America and are easily recycled. Most Aluminum bottles are sourced in China. Because our landfills are so full of aluminum cans, some landfills incinerate extra aluminum. This isn’t just a huge waste, it also pours toxic metals and gases into the atmosphere.