Thank you Life Line for providing my horses with such a high quality sea kelp. Considering the mineral depletion in most soils I feel a mineral supplement is necessary to complete my horses’ diet. Because oats, grass and hay are only as good as the soil they were grown in I feel the need to give my horses extra minerals. Ocean kelp is a wonderful mineral source because the minerals are chelated and bioavailable. My horses love the taste of the kelp. In addition they enjoy healthy feet, skin and coat and I believe that the kelp is a significant contributing factor.
Jen B.
I ‘ll tell you…I bought another salmon oil because we had free shipping from (an online store)… but I gave it away. Yours is better and does not smell like rancid oil. Thanks so much.Sharon A.
I own show ring, agility and working therapy certified American Pit Bull Terriers. I always try to give them the best of everything to keep them healthy and happy. Although my dogs have always had wonderful coats, I wanted to improve upon them so decided to try Salmon oil. After using it for only a couple of weeks, I notice their coats were literally so shiny they literally glowed. Even my vet commented on it. The dogs also love the taste and gobble it right up with their meals. I highly recommend the use of this product.
I have been supplementing my dogs food with Salmon oil for a few years. All of my dogs love it, they lick their bowls clean to make sure they don’t miss any of it. The cats? Well, they are eating the dog food while I’m trying to feed! They love it! Thanks for making such a super high quality product. My dogs thank you too. Keep up the great work.
Pat R.
The dogs love it!! We feed extra to the mothers and us, but we have been doing it for years, but it was in capsules and so expensive. It helps also in shedding. I am a strong believer in salmon oil and its properties. Thank you!
Donna & Larry
Yesterday I purchased your Alaskan Salmon Oil at Bark-n-Scratch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have an abandoned ferrel-litter of three kittens, who will be eight weeks old next Saturday.

We are trying to get them to eat some dry cat food. Good cat food. Bark-n-Scratch was kind and generous enough to offer us several free samples of kitten food, which we are still in the process of feeding to them. We noticed that they would eat the salmon type dry food more readily than all of the rest. When I went to Bark-n-Scratch, I mentioned that my kittens were getting dandruff, and wasn’t sure what to do about it. They said to try your salmon oil, because it is good for their coats. Well, I gotta’ tell ya’, I could put your salmon oil on sawdust and I think they would gobble it right up. I mixed the oil with their dry food, a non salmon dry food, and they preferred that over the dry salmon food right next to it! I was looking at them when I opened your bottle, they must’ve been down-wind, and they were at full attention, dropped what they were messin’ around with, and came right over. Great smelling stuff!

I went to your website to learn more about the oil and your company. I knew salmon was good for you, but had no idea it was that good. I just wanted to say thanks for offering such a great product, and having a very high minded approach to its processing.

I have been using your salmon oil on my regular dogs, and my new foster dog, he came to me 3 weeks ago with the worst case of mange my vet has seen in 20 years. After 3 weeks of good nutrition and the salmon oil he now is no longer pink and furless, he has a peach fuzz of fur growing in, and is a normal skin color now.. I plan on giving him the kelp as well to boost his immune system..
You guys are AWESOME! No wonder I keep telling people how great you are….Patricia
I have been purchasing your Salmon Oil as a supplement to my dog’s diet for a couple of months now. I have a friend who owns Four Legs Good in Wallingford (Seattle) where I purchase all my pet supplies. She recommended your product as a better alternative to the brand I had been previously using and she was right! My dog is a Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix. Very hairy and prone to itching/dry skin issues. Since using your product his hair has never looked better. He smells better and he has not been itching at all. I was wondering if your distribution is limited to the Northwest only at this time. I have friends who would love your product, but many of them are scattered around the country.
Once again, thank you for the Salmon Oil. You have a customer for LIFE!
We left Jabu with my cousin for the past ten days while we were in San Diego. She kept complimenting his hair and wanted to know what shampoo we used on him. She was shocked to hear he had not had a bath since Labor Day and that it was your oil that did the trick. I think you got another customer.
Jeff (again!)
Great Product! Coat is Shinier on my Lab/Cocker Mix.Happy Customer
Great food additive, dogs love it. Not as stinky as other salmon products.Happy Customer
Dogs like! It seems to give more energy to older dogs.Happy Customer
Dog loves it and I can’t believe how much better my dog’s coat looks!Happy Customer
Great people, great product, thanks!Happy Customer
Excellent product and my pets love it ! Thanks !Happy Customer
The BEST! My dogs love it.Happy Customer
Dogs love it on food. Thanks!Happy Customer
Great product for dog’s coat. Very rich!Happy Customer
Thanks, dogs love it! Almost instant results.Happy Customer
Dogs love it & it helps keep them healthy.Happy Customer
Great product. Even my dog that hates salmon oil likes thisHappy Customer